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About me

Public relations photograph

I work as a Commercial, Architectural & Editorial Photographer. As a self confessed perfectionist, I strive for the highest quality in my photography and commitment to clients.


During my time with the US Navy I trained as a photographer at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida and travelled extensively throughout the Mediterranean and the Hawaiian Islands. Since 1991 I have been living and working in Manchester, England. This wide variety of experience has taught me the valuable skill of being able to provide clients with excellent images no matter what their specific requirements may be. The challenges that I faced  during my time with the Navy played an instrumental role in the development of my photographic creativity and style.


Whether the setting Commercial, Social or PR and Marketing, I use my creativity and intuition to transform real life into the perfect final image, tailored to the clients request.

Gary Beal

Photographer and Adventurer

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